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Embedded Linux

The power of Linux operating system enforces its embedded application in various appliances starting from audio/video devices, handhelds and palmtops to realtime control systems.

To imagine the real embedded world we selected several appliances running Linux OS:

The empeg - top car Linux audio system is an in-dash digital music player with a capacity of up to 680 hours of high quality music.

TiVo is a personal TV service that changes your experience of watching television. This digital recording device uses hard disks in place of videotape, and it makes finding, recording and programming shows so easy and automatic that it could render prime time irrelevant.

The Nokia Mediascreen is a prototype with a totally new concept design combining digital Television (DVB-T), Internet and Mobile Phone technology. The heart of the system is a flatscreen display featuring a digital terrestrial receiver and a GSM digital phone link.

AXIS Network Camera 2100 with integrated webserver.

VR Linux goal is to bring the Linux operating system to NEC VRSeries devices. So far there is Linux running on the Vadem Clio, the Casio E-105, the Everex Freestyle, Agenda and more.

The Motorola CPX8000 family of CompactPCITM systems, when combined with HA-Linux Software, is designed for critical telecom infrastructure applications that need to meet 5NINES (99.999%) availability.


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