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Network Management Outsourcing

In case you want to concentrate on your business instead of spending time by keeping your network up and secure, YieldTech offers partly or completely take this responsibility for you.
We can take care of your network starting by providing initial audit, maintain your Linux appliances (servers, routers, firewalls...) and help you optimize your network architecture. The next care of your network will be done mainly by remote access using encrypted secure channel via the Internet. For those networks that are not permanently connected (dial-up) to the Internet, we can offer the same method using dedicated service time schedule or we can provide an on-site service support.

Usually the outsourcing agreement is signed after final solution is successfully implemented. In case we start maintenance of appliance already running Linux, the first step we do is an initial audit, which completely describes the system status and recommends necessary configuration changes if needed. What are the typical services povided under the outsourcing agreement?

Kernel and application software updating
Our support specialists permanently watch development and security mailing lists of related software. When security patch or bugfix is released it is afterwards applied on your system to keep it secure and stable.

Hot-line support
In case you need to change any configuration and minimize risk of improper functionality of your system, we can help you answering your e-mail question or phone call or provide all necessary configuration steps directly using secure remote connection to your system.

Monitoring and emergency support
We can install and configure appropriate tools monitoring processes running on your system to inform system support specialist if defined failure or lack of resources occurs. It minimizes possible system unavailability. All services provided under outsourcing agreement can be tailored with respect to specific conditions to fulfill your needs. YieldTech offers also hardware maintenance based on cooperation with our partners.

Selecting network management outsourcing you may get professional level of services without additional costs to employ and educate your own IT specialists.







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