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Antivirus Protection

TRENDMICRO's InterScan(R) Viruswall(R) provides integrated solution of real-time virus scanning with comfortable web interface and appropriate management features. High performance and configuration options represents the right choice to protect computer networks against virus attacks.

Key Features:

Real-time Protection at the Gateway
Real-time virus detection and cleanup for all SMTP, HTTP, and FTP Internet traffic at the gateway.

  • SMTP protection complements your mail server to scan all inbound and outbound SMTP traffic for viruses
  • HTTP protection keeps infected files from being downloaded and allows you to set uniform, system-wide security standards for Java and Authenticode. It also affords your users protection against malicious Java and ActiveX programs
  • FTP protection works transparently to ensure that infected files are not downloaded from unsecured remote sites

Compatible with most Firewalls
100% compatible with FireWall-1 and most major firewalls.

Automatic Virus Pattern File Updates
Periodic updates of the virus pattern file are available from Trend's FTP sites and can be automatically downloaded and installed. Emergency pattern files are made available on an 'as needed' basis.

Flexible Configuration and Internet-Enabled Management
InterScan VirusWall can be configured to respond to virus detection and security violation incidents in several ways, alone or in combination:

  • Alert the system administrator
  • Isolate the infected file for later cleaning or other action
  • Delete the infected file
  • Permit the user to download the file under certain strictly-controlled conditions
InterScan VirusWall includes both console interface and ISAPI/CGI Web browser configuration interfaces for the ultimate in management flexibility.

Easy-to-Manage, Robust Activity Log
InterScan VirusWall maintains a comprehensive activity log, which details for each infected file or attempted security violation: the origin, name and destination of the file, the date the file was received, the identity of the virus found, and the action taken. This allows administrators to easily track the source of problems and deal with them appropriately.

Trend's Proprietary Scan Engine
InterScan VirusWall uses Trend's multi-threaded, 32-bit scan engine to detect thousands of viruses, including 100% of those found on Joe Well's 'Wild List.' InterScan detects known and unknown viruses and recognizes more than 16 types of compression encoding formats and scans down as many as 20 layers of compression.



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