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"YieldTech One Machine Internet Connection Solution" is high-performance integrated solution that enables you to connect your Local Area Network to the Internet with minimal costs.

YTOMICS provides following (optional) services:
  • gateway (router, proxy)
  • dial on demand
  • firewall
  • DNS server
  • e-mail server
  • web cache (speeds up access to frequently visited pages)
  • file server
  • print server
  • fax server combined with voice answering machine
  • webserver
  • data backup server for client and system computers
  • The heart of YTOMICS is a multifunctional and competitively priced server running Linux. For optimal performance we provide YT Linux Server distribution. Hardware requirements may vary and final configuration depends on the number of connected users, services provided, bandwith etc. For small workgroup you can use an old i486 or i586/AMD (in case you have any). Otherwise almost any newer PC system should be sufficient. The most important component of the server is the motherboard and therefore we selected well known and approved boards from ASUS or Intel. Amount of memory and disk capacity depends on concrete purpose of the server but we can say 32 MB RAM and 6 GB IDE disk equipped server can sufficiently run all the above mentioned services for up to 50 users.



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