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Professional solutions
based on the Open Source software provide new aproaches and possibilities which can help you to satisfy every day needs expected from the information technology. .

YieldTech One Machine Internet Connection Solution (YTOMICS) is not only a box, but can offer more services for your local network, based on reliability, security and stability of the linux server.

Network Management Outsourcing
In case you want to concentrate on your business instead of spending time by keeping your network workable and secure, YieldTech can completely or partly take this responsibility providing different level of outsourcing.

Network Antivirus Protection

Virus Wall

Integrated solution of real-time virus scaning with comfortable web interface and apropriate management features.InterScan Virus Wall with its hight performance and configuration options represents the right choice to protect computer networks against virus attack.

YT Flash Linux
is the linux distribution designed for diskless PC appliances YieldTech provides as the reliable costsaving HW solution for VPN gateways, firewalls and routers

YT diskless HW

Everyone and every business communicates with help of the Internet. And even about the Internet you can hear about necessity of security. Digital signature and Certificate, encrypted communication, Virtual Private Network and virus scaning can help you to realize your security policy.


Linux packet filtering firewall or FireWall-1, product of the CheckPoint Software Technology Ltd. are proof enough and can equally protect your network.

Internet Connection
If you want to drive your business using the latest information technology based on the IP connectivity with top level guarantie of Quality of Services, including 24x7 support, contact us for more information concerning KPNQwest services.

Certification authority is necessery tool you need to authentify and authorize access to protected networks and servers. KPNQwest offers this service on the highest level and its certificates are accepted worldwide.

Linux preinstalled computers
YieldTech provides tailored configuration starting with low end servers upto multiway RAID systems. All YT computers are assembled and tested with respect to compatibility with latest Linux releases.


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YieldTech Your Linux Solution Partner